Areas Of Our Needs

                   ALLIANCE VISION EDUCATIONAL CENTER                             

                      [The organization project that supports orphans and widows]   

    [The following are the urgently  needed items by the organization]

  • school feeding Program me.
  • school uniform.
  • school text books supplies.
  • exercise books[school badge and name printed].
  • School rent/The organization permanent land
  • school desks
  • Photocopier machine, computers and printer machine.
  • school double decker's beds.
  • Establishing center library ( video and books)
  • Medical services.
  • Tuition fee.
  • Digital camera/video camera-This will always make it easy while  updating our partners on the.
    progress by sending them photos or video records from the organization of the various activities taking place within the organization while they are far.
    • Laptop-Being that all the photos taken by the organization will need to be send by the computer ,the laptop will play a major role in this case.
    • Staffs allowances and any other gainful support in store will be highly appreciated.You can choose one item among the above mentioned ones.
    We will be very much appreciative for any support you provide to the organization . And will be equally blessed.
    Kindly you can contact or ask us more information on your support  through  the contact below  and will not hesitate to get back to you immediately.You can call us,write to us and even send us your letter to the postal address given below or e-mail us all the contacts are given below.We hope to hear from you and working with you even more closer.May we hope to hear from you and God shall bless both of us.

    Contact: Mr. George Otieno Sera,
    The Managing Director, 366 00516
    cell: +245 720 621 521
    Mail us