Donations to Alliance Vision Educational Centre

Alliance Vision Educational Center.Is A Community Based Organization that supports orphans,Widows and vulnerable Children in the slums areas in Kenya.You can make a donation through the following ways.

1] Property or Merchandise: 

 If you have property, merchandise or services that you could donate or provide, we would appreciate discussing these with you.

2] Bequest: 

 Planning your will? Please consider a bequest to the Alliance Vision Educational Center

3] Western Union Money Transfer: 

Money may be send through Western Union Money transfer as it is commonly used in Kenya and it is very safe,cheap and quick and the receipt shall be send back to the sender to authenticate that we have received the donation:This can be send to Mr George Otieno Sera.

4] Check by Mail: 

Donations may be made by mail with checks made out to Alliance Vision Educational Centre and mail to:

Alliance Vision Educational Center 366-00516


5] Organization Account

funds can be send to the organization account below are the wiring instructions:

a] Organization Name   : Alliance Vision Educational Center

b] Bank Name                    : Cooperative Bank Of Kenya

c] Account Branch           : Dandora-Branch

d] Account Number         : 01134381043300

e] Swift code number      : KCOOKENA

There will be a proper report made and send to the donor/sponsor on how his/her donation has help/spent in the organization and a continual update on the progress,Donors/Sponsors are obligated to visit and see how the organization is progressing and chat with the children/widows and even staff members that our Donors/Sponsors are supporting, this can be done on arrangement made by both the Administration and the Donor/Sponsor.

For More In formations please Contact :

Mr.George Otieno Sera

Managing Director Alliance Vision Educational Centre 366-00516

Phone: +254 720 621 521

Email: or